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Digital Certificate and Clave

Digital Certificate and Clave

Life can be made much easier by going digital. Many government departments offer the facility to complete most procedures online with complete security of your personal data. Likewise Gaucín has an “electronic office” (sede electrónica) that you can access via this website.

1. Digital Certificate
The most comprehensive ID method which you can download from the FNMT website. The digital certificate is the most widely accepted form of digital ID, but has the disadvantage that the use of it is limited to the device(s) you have downloaded it onto – eg your PC, mobile phone or tablet. The FNMT (Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) is responsible for the authentication and certification of all secure transactions between the public, businesses and government departments. Another handy digital´tool´ is AutoFirma, to be used to sign forms electronically, and used in conjunction with a digital certificate. Citizens Advice Bureau Spain provide a comprehensive explanation of the Digital Certificate:

Guadalinfo, the IT center in the village can help you with the registration and the town hall can then issue you with the relevant codes to activate the certificate. Many private Gestors also offer a  service by which they will manage the whole process:

2. Cl@ve Permanente
This lets you register with a permanent pincode. It is an authentication system designed for persons who need to access frequently the electronic services provided by the Government authorities. It is based on a username code, your NIE, along with a password that is defined during the activation process and which only you should know. To access the activation process you must have previously registered on the system. For the electronic services requiring a high security level, the system reinforces authentication by means of a One Time Password, OTP, which is previously sent by SMS to your mobile telephone. The Cl@ve Permanente can be used on any device, as long as you remember your login details. It is recommended to use the Cl@ve App on your mobile to generate the pincodes.

3. Cl@ve Pin
This works with a pre-registration and will then issue a pin code that is only valid temporarily for a one-off use. Here is the CAB guide on the Clave PIN: