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Voting in Spain

Voting in Spain

Here in Gaucin we welcome voter participation in elections. Your voice counts and your vote can influence who runs the Town Hall - Mayor/ Mayoress and Councillors.

If you are not a Spanish citizen but are legally resident in Spain you may still have the right to vote in the local municipal elections and/or the EU parliamentary elections. Likewise you may have the right to stand in these elections.
Note that your right to vote depends on your country of citizenship and the length of time you have been legally resident in Spain.

1. Nationals of European Union (EU) countries

EU citizens residing in Spain can vote in Local elections and the EU parliamentary elections as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Be registered on the Padron of the place where you live.
  • Be included in the current electoral roll (Censo)
  • Have formally declared the wish to vote in Spain.

The next European Parliament Elections will be held on June 9, 2024 and in order to be included in the electoral roll for these EU elections both registration on the Padrón and the formal declaration must be completed by January 30th 2024.

The expression of willingness to vote in Spain is considered permanent as long as you continue to reside in Spain and so if you have previously completed the formal declaration you do not need to do so again. Formal declarations expressing the willingness to vote in Spain for the European Parliament Elections can be made by:

Internet: If you possess a digital certificate or other form of digital signature application can be made through the electronic office of the Institute of National Statistics (I.N.E)

At the town hall: Request the formal declaration form “modelo CERE “

By post: Letters have been sent to all EU citizens residing in Spain with their pre-printed registration details. The letter includes a telematic processing key (CTT) which enables online voting European Parliament even if you do not possess a digital certificate. This is active from November 1 2023.

2. Nationals of Non EU Countries (including UK citizens)

If you are a resident in Spain but a non EU National you may still be able to vote and stand in local elections if your country of nationality has an agreement with Spain. Those countries with agreements include: Bolivia,Cape,Verde,Chile,Colombia,Korea,Ecuador,Iceland,Norway,New Zealand,Paraguay,Peru,United Kingdom,Trinidad and Tobago.

Note that agreements may differ by country and so please refer to the embassy of your country of citizenship for further details.

UK Citizens:
You can vote and stand in local elections in Spain once you have been resident for 3 years.To do so, you must:

  • Be registered on the municipal register where you live (padrón municipal)
  • Confirm your registration on the electoral roll (censo electoral), within the dates set by the electoral authorities before each election.

You cannot register on the electoral roll at other times. You must re-register on the electoral roll before each local election.
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