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Register with the town hall (Empadronarse)

Register with the town hall (Empadronarse)

Registering on the Padron is essential if you intend to live in Spain

What is the Padron?
Similar to the Electoral Register in the UK, the Padron is a list of people resident in a designated municipal area. When registering you are issued a Certificado de Empadronamiento and you can request fresh copies whenever you need to present the Padron as proof of address for official business.

How to register?
To register you must complete the application form which you can download here:


Alternatively you can request a paper copy at the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento). It is always  best to arrive early and note the office closes at 2pm to visitors.

Why do I need the Padron for residency?
Proof of living in Spain is a key requirement for any residency application. The Padron Certificate is official proof of address and you are strongly advised to register as soon as possible. A Padron Histórico is what you request for residency as it will show the date that you first registered on the Padron.

What paperwork is needed to register?
1. Proof of who you are - passport and NIE (if you already have one) for each applicant
2. Proof of where you live - property deeds (escritura), an IBI receipt (property tax bill) or the Nota Simple (summary document of property ownership) if a property owner. If renting, then a copy of rental contract and utility bill in your name showing the address.
3. If your circumstances are unusual then we advise that you speak to the staff at the town hall and if they are unable to help then consult a gestor (advisor) on your options and suitable documentation (E.g. stepchildren, under 18s, not owning nor renting the property where residing).

Requesting a copy of your padron certificate.
Being official proof of address the Padron is one of the most requested documents for many procedures in Spain such as registering at your local health centre, buying/ selling vehicles or properties, to name just a few. The certificate must always be dated within the last 90 days, hence you may need to return to the Ayuntamiento for a fresh copy from time to time or you can request it online by Sede Electrónica

When do you need to renew registration?
EU citizen residents need to check their registration is renewed every five years; non-EU (including UK) every two years (and as soon as possible when changing address).

Any other benefits to being Empadronado?
Yes! Funding is allocated from central and regional governments based on the number of people on the Padron, thus benefitting all. On a more personal level you could benefit from services like:
a) register to vote in local or European elections - remember to tick the Censo box on the registration form so that you appear on the census list to vote.
b) register for healthcare (if eligible)
c) access to social services and senior care
d) enrol children in local schools
e) join the local library, local classes on offer
f) access special deals for the over 65s with discounted travel around Spain with certain companies: